Success Stories

The following are but a few of the amazing success stories that have come about since the creation of Green Eyes in Africa. Many children at the New Hope Orphanage were rescued from another orphanage where they were being abused. When "the abusive orphanage" is mentioned, this is the orphanage from which the children were rescued in December 2005.

Baby Grace and Honorine:  Honorine is a 29-year-old blind young woman who struggled to care for her daughter, Grace, by begging in front of churches and asking others to take care of Grace. One day, due to her disability, she did not see her daughter Grace tip over a pot of boiling oil. Grace had severe burns and Honorine made her way to the New Hope Orphanage to ask for help. Grace wasn't the only one with a problem: Honorine had typhoid fever. Not having anywhere to go, the New Hope Orphanage welcomed Honorine and Grace into their family. Today, they're both cared for, loved, and, at times, spoiled!
Cyril: Cyril is a seven-year-old child who endured unbelievable abuse from the time of his birth. He grew up in an abusive orphanage, where he was treated as a "witch" who cast spells and inflicted hardship on others. He had a hemorrhaging problem and when he'd bleed, he was ridiculed as a witch, put in the sun naked to vomit his blood, and go to bed hungry. Cyril was removed from the orphanage and brought to the New Hope Orphanage in 2005. Today, he's a happy child who brightens the lives of all who know him.
Dodo: Dodo came from the abusive orphanage where he was treated with hatred, neglect, and physical violence. He went to bed hungry and lived on his own, as he was neglected day after day, even when he was sick with malaria. Today, he's at the New Hope Orphanage, going to school, and loving his childhood.
Raissa: Raissa is a ten-year-old girl who was repeatedly molested and treated as a slave at the abusive orphanage. She was forced to work morning until night washing dishes, doing laundry by hand, and taking care of younger children. Although traumatized by her past, Raissa is gradually becoming a vibrant young girl full of hope and life at the New Hope Orphanage.
Alexis: Alexis is a ten-year-old girl who grew up without a mother, who died of "witchcraft." Her father went blind shortly after her mother's death, and he was forced to put her in an  orphanage where, unknown to him, she was beaten, mocked because of her lazy eye, and treated like an animal. Today, she lives at the New Hope Orphanage with her father and is as loved as a child can be.
Falonne: Falonne is a vibrant teenage girl who endured hardship, living as a house servant in her aunt's house, where she went to sleep at night afraid of being beaten and abused. She is Alexis' older sister, and lives at the New Hope Orphanage with her blind father. She works incessantly at keeping things in order at the orphanage, and is loved by all who know her.
Jean-Baptiste: Jean-Baptiste is the blind father of Alexis and Falonne. He lived in a closet at a church where he slept in a room that was too small in which to stand up. He often went hungry. When he took Alexis from the abusive orphanage to put her in the New Hope Orphanage, he was persecuted by bribed church officials who kicked him out of the church. Orphaned himself, he turned to the New Hope Orphanage for refuge and today lives as a counselor and friend to all of the children at the center. Best of all, he's close to his two daughters that he loves.
Joel: Joel lost his mother to a snake bite at an early age, as well as his twin brother. His early life was plagued by death. He never knew his father, and lived in the abusive orphanage as a toddler until his 7th birthday. He endured unbelievable mistreating, but today is healthy and loved at the New Hope Orphanage. His grandmother, who formerly lived with no money in a shack, is employed as the cook at the New Hope Orphanage.
Janine: Janine is a feisty 9-year-old girl who has been seasoned by a life of hard knocks. Since birth, she's endured witnessing her mother's physical and mental deterioration from the terrible disease Epilepsy. Mentally unstable, her mother ran away frequently,  and was incapable of caring for her. Today, she's a loved child of the New Hope Orphanage who fills a room with laughter at any given time.
Julien and Christine: Julien's father died when he was very young of AIDS. His father passed the sickness to his mother, Christine, who is currently dying of AIDS. Julien endured abuse at the terrible orphanage,  but today lives at the New Hope Orphanage with his mother. His mother Christine helps with washing and gives love and spiritual guidance to all of the children.
Sandrine: Sandrine is the 22-year-old Co-director of the New Hope Orphanage. She was working her way through school when she met Ryan, the founder of the New Hope Orphanage. She helped rescue the children from the abusive orphanage, and risked her life in a series of daring endeavors. She considers herself "rescued" as well, because in the academic world she was in, sexual favors and bribes are required for academic success. She happily works each day to ensure that each child in the New Hope Orphanage is loved and cared for. She's known as "Auntie Sandrine" by all of the children and loves them as her own.

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