Ryan Oliver Hansen, co-founder of Green Eyes in Africa, is an award winning documentary maker who uses his talents to bring attention to issues that matter, especially in third world countries.

"People need to think less about celebrities like Paris Hilton and start thinking about what really matters in life," Hansen said.

Ryan's first documentary, "An Orphan's Gift," was created in 2004 and won a Rocky Mountain Emmy award. This documentary takes viewers on a triumphant journey to the coast of South America where they come face-to-face with African-Ecuadorian orphans who live in the tropical region of Esmeraldas, Ecuador. The viewer experiences what it's like to dedicate time to children who have never been loved, and learns the importance of giving each child the respect, affection and love  they deserve.


Ryan's latest documentary, "Green Eyes in Africa," takes viewers on  an epic adventure in Yaounde, Cameroon. Ryan endured unbelievable persecution as he rescued children from an abusive orphanage and created the New Hope Orphanage. He faced witnessing horrific abuse, death threats, government corruption, and more as he, along with his heroic African friends, risked their lives to save the children who currently reside in the New Hope Orphanage. It's an adventure that could change the way you see Africa, and the way you see the world. Order your copy today!


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