Green Eyes in Africa Board of Directors
Patrick Henry Hansen & Ryan Oliver Hansen, Founders of Green Eyes in Africa


PATRICK HENRY HANSEN founded Green Eyes in Africa with his brother Ryan in 2005. Patrick is a successful Utah businessman, father of five, and active in his role as the spokesperson for Green Eyes in Africa. Patrick lived in South Africa for two years, and the causes and issues concerning Africa are close to his heart.

"I've seen the realities of harsh poverty in Africa. It is something you never forget. I feel a responsibility to help those who suffer in Africa. It's not something I can walk away from. I have a passion for making a difference since I've seen first-hand how unfair life can be for Africans, especially children," Patrick said.

RYAN OLIVER HANSEN lived in an orphanage in Ecuador for seven months in 2004. There, he realized that his degree in TV Journalism from the University of Utah could be used for greater things than reporting city traffic and weather. Upon returning to the US he felt the call of Africa, and followed his heart. He moved to Africa in September 2005 and lives at the New Hope Orphanage. He plans to stay there for the rest of his life.

"There's no way I could ever leave Africa now. These children are connected to my heart and soul. They're my best friends and my inspiration in life. One would think that they're the ones who benefit from our time together, but the truth is that they teach me and inspire me more than I could ever do for them. I've found the secret to happiness in Africa, I've 'lost myself in the service of others' and there's no going back," Ryan said.

BRANDON LEWIS spent considerable time volunteering in Africa and grew to love the African people and culture. He's passionate about finding ways to alleviate the suffering of African children. He was instrumental in raising the funds required to create the New Hope Orphanage. As a successful businessman, Brandon brings organizational insight and effective fundraising management to Green Eyes in Africa.

"Brandon stepped in and saved us when we thought we were not going to make it. The children of the New Hope Orphanage owe their health and happiness to his generous intervention during a time of crisis," Ryan Hansen said.

HEIDI WALKER is the Executive Director of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation and the past Vice-President of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. While serving the Chamber, many considered Heidi to be the most powerful woman in Utah, and luckily for orphans in Africa, she uses her influence to do amazing things. Heidi has a soft spot in her heart for children and volunteers her time and effort to raise awareness and funding for the New Hope Orphanage. Heidi is a hero for standing up for what is important in a business world too often dominated by greed and obsession with money. 

VICKI EVANS of St. Mark's Cathedral in Salt Lake City handles event planning and public relations for Green Eyes in Africa for the state of Utah. Vicki was fundamental in the creation of Green Eyes in Africa, and regularly participates in fundraising events for the foundation. Most importantly, Vicki serves as a sponsor for Alexis, a child of the New Hope Orphanage, sending a monthly donation that keeps Alexis healthy and safe. 

ANGIE MOONEY is a writer and a full-time mother who serves as a volunteer Public Relations and Fundraising Coordinator for the state of Nevada. Angie finds her work with Green Eyes in Africa to be a source of peace and inspiration in her otherwise hectic life. Angie's enthusiasm and professionalism are greatly appreciated by the foundation.

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"To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world."
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