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WHO WE ARE: We are a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization dedicated to educating, empowering, and loving impoverished African orphans. It all started with two green-eyed brothers, Patrick and Ryan Hansen, who were determined to make a difference. Neither brother receive a salary for what they do. 100 percent of donations go straight to those who suffer.  

OUR MISSION:It's simple. We seek to provide African orphans with adequate sanitation, protection, education, and love. We accomplish this mission through generous donations given in the United States. We only accept hand-to-mouth donations, so that no "overhead"  costs or government corruption gets in the way of helping those who need it.

ORPHANS:Sub-sarahan Africa is home to millions of abandoned children due to AIDS, government corruption, war, and other other factors. We ask: if citizens of prosperous countries don't help them, who will? We emphasize the importance of women's and children's rights as a way to eradicate poverty.

EDUCATION:In our center, The New Hope  Orphanage, education is the top priority. Children go to school and receive extra tutoring since many of them are drastically behind in their studies. They receive musical, physical, social, and spiritual education. Although Green Eyes is not affiliated with any specific religion, children are encouraged to develop faith and prayer as a way to endure their hardships.

WHO WE WORK WITH:Any employee of the New Hope Orphanage is screened and intensely interviewed to ensure safe, excellent care. Our guards, our cook, and other volunteers share our vision that every child  deserves a childhood.

FINANCIAL PROCEDURES:All donations made to Green Eyes in Africa are tax-exempt and used exclusively to support the New Hope Orphanage. Not a penny is wasted. Receipts are regularly reviewed, and anyone donating has the peace of mind that their money is truly doing miraculous work in Africa. Unlike large corporations, no money is used for big-time campaigns, conferences, or advertising. All money goes directly into action with our THINK SMALL, ACHIEVE RESULTS policy.

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Our important mission is underway at the New Hope Orphanage, our center in Yaounde, Cameroon where we care for orphans, the blind, and those suffering from AIDS. We believe that every child deserves a childhood, especially in Africa, where children are forced to grow up too early, often in traumatic ways.


Our Green Eyes in Africa Family

Please take the time to explore the website. You'll have the chance to meet the special children for whom we're building a future, see beautiful photos from Africa, and most importantly, find out how you, too, can help us help those who need it most. Be sure to check out our documentaries page and order a DVD so you can see for yourself how truly wonderful our work really is.


"To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world."
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